Current Layout Design

The general shape of our layout is a rectangle. The size and design is flexible depending on the space we have available.

We have 25 straight modules, and 10 curve modules. Two curve modules create a 90 degree corner with an outside radius of 8 feet. All of the mainline straight modules are eight, six, four, or three feet in length.

To see PDF files of some of our past layout designs, click here:

Module Materials and Construction:

Each module is made using a lightweight yet incredibly strong design rarely seen in the hobby. Except for the ends which are made with ¾” plywood, every module is made with ¼” thick luan plywood. The luan is glued together in a “waffle” design making it strong & rigid.  Luan is very lightweight allowing two members to easily carry a pair of modules with little difficulty. While we would like to take credit for the design, we didn't develop it. Instead it was borrowed from the nationally renowned Sipping & Switching Society of North Carolina (S&SSNC).

Track and Module Alignment:

Many of our members belonged to other modular clubs prior to starting the OVS&SS. We spent hours installing infamous “bridge” tracks between modules. Though this process served its purpose, we knew there had to be a better way. Again, the NCS&SS came to the rescue! They showed us that the track could be laid right up to the edge of the modules. Each module has a male and female pin system, which ensures perfect track alignment every time.  Quick connect wiring harnesses allow the power and DCC to be set up quickly. In fact two members have been known to set up a whole layout in under 90 minutes!


Another unique feature of our modules is the ease in which the layout can be moved. The S&SSNC had a great idea of adding caster wheels to the bottom of all the legs. With their blessing, we were happy to incorporate this feature on all of our modules.  The wheels allow one member to roll the entire layout into position once set up.