What we're all about:

The Ohio Valley Sipping & Switching Society is an avid group of model railroad enthusiasts who own & operate a HO scale modular railroad in the greater Cincinnati area.  The club sets up & operates the layout at model train shows or other appropriate venues. All members strive to create highly detailed modules that flow together & are based on the landscape of the American Midwest.  

Not the typical club:

The OVS&SS is not your typical model railroad club. Instead, we are a group of friends with a common goal: to create a modular layout that looks good and runs great. We try to be as non- organized (not to be confused with disorganized) as possible. This allows us to spend the majority of our time running trains.

Running trains:

In 2005 when we established the OV&SSS one of our top priorities was to run trains. In our experience, running trains successfully requires two key factors:

Good track: Our track is laid one module at a time and meticulously leveled throughout the construction process. All joints are matched to a universal template to ensure each module can be interchanged with any other in the layout. Most every rail on every module has an electrical feed to ensure constant power delivery to the track.

Good equipment: The OVS&SS is obsessed with one thing - equipment that runs well. All equipment must feature metal (preferably Kadee) knuckle couplers, and metal wheels. Engines must be decoder equipped. If any car derails, the equipment owner must inspect the car and correct any problems.

With good track and equipment, we're able to run monster trains. Want to see for yourself? Check out this video of a 114 car coal train here. A couple additional videos of long freights can be found on YouTube here, here, or on our video page.